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Mobility is a revolution that has transformed the way we work, perceive, and access information, that were  otherwise not easily accessible in real-time, about a few years ago. Increasingly powerful mobile devices, mobile computing and the rapid growth of high speed networks are killing the Personal Computers faster than analysts had predicted. Through this transformational journey, each one of us recognizes and appreciates the value and utility of mobile devices. We all acknowledge that there are limitless opportunities within the consumer space and transforming enterprises to mobile-enabled can dramatically change the playing field.

>Traditionally companies have viewed an ERP system (Oracle , SAP etc.) as a system of record for employees to record and look up all master data and transactional data information, irrespective of business unit, location or geography. ERP systems have clearly demonstrated its significant benefits as long as your enterprise has a 100% adoption rate with employees reacting in a timely manner to avoid a breakdown within the entire process. However this ideal state is hard to achieve to reap ERP’s benefits.


What if your employees were empowered to access and process information anywhere, anytime and move from a mindset of accessing a system of record to a mindset of a system of engagement? What if you could empower your employees to stay connected anytime, anywhere to avoid a breakdown in the entire process? What if you can empower them to increase their productivity by 42% and increase your sales revenue by 35%.
That surely would be awesome and that is exactly who we are and what we do
At Innovapptive Inc. we help you rapidly achieve a competitive advantage by innovating, transforming and empowering your enterprise through our SAP and Enterprise Mobility consulting services. Our deep industry knowledge combined with several years of process transformation and mobility experts will help you deliver the right Enterprise Mobility Solutions to your organization. Our library of mobility applications are certified by SAP, Apple and Google and are commercially available to dowload in respective stores.


Innovapptive SAP Certified® Mobile Apps



Substitution Manager  This mobile app empowers managers with the ability to create a substitution to delegate their inbox anywhere, anytime and on-demand.

Mobile Confirm  This mobile app empowers employees and goods receiving teams to perform a Goods Receipt/Service entry sheet against a purchase order anywhere and anytime. This mobile app provides OCR capability to capture unplanned service line items to create your service entry sheet. In addition, the bar coding functionality lets you receive goods into your warehouse management module in SAP.

Mobile Universal Worklist  This mobile app provides approvers, a one-stop-view of all their work items. Using this mobile app, approvers in an enterprise can action any transactions such as Shopping Carts, Purchase Orders, Expense Reports etc., requiring their action to approve or reject right from the mobile devices, anytime, anywhere, real-time.

Mobile Budget  This mobile app provides the Department Managers or Project Managers in an organization the ability to track in real-time their Actual spend and compare it with Plan (Budget) data.  It consolidates multiple Objects in a single tool and so it’s useful if the individual is managing multiple departments or just a single project. 

Mobile Release  This app provides the Department Managers, Plant Managers, Purchasing Buyers, Cost Center Managers in an organization the ability to search Purchase Orders & Purchase Requisitions requiring their action to release (approve) or reject from their mobile device without having to log-on and access the SAP application.

Mobile Asset Tagging  This mobile app allows perform physical inventory of your enterprise's fixed assets  on your mobile device. With Barcode scanning, Geocoding and direct updates in SAP.

Mobile Stock Requirements List   This mobile app provides Material Planners in an organization, to view the Stock Requirements situation of a Material at a Plant and MRP level. This mobile app also allows Planners to firm requirements right from the mobile device, empowering them to take action anytime, anywhere, real-time.

Mobile Stock Overview   This mobile app empowers shop floor employees who would like to know the stock situation, and any end Users who would like to know the stock level - all can quickly check the status of a material stock at Plant, Storage Location and Batch level anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Spend Analytics  This mobile app provides management and executives a dashboard view or corporate spend and allows them to view top spend based on vendors, categories and locations. The app has drill down capabilities to show detailed procurement values and graphical representation of enterprise wide spend.



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